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Our veterinary supervised boarding facility offers comfortable accommodations for your pet when you must be away. All of our boarders are given individual attention. They are taken outside morning and evening to our grassy area and again mid-morning for a 5 minute playtime. Our small boarding facility allows us to get to know each of our guests by name and helps them to relax in a calm environment. We have inside and outside suites for dogs. During their playtime sessions there is a small yard for exercise or they may just want hugs and a friendly massage. Our cats have a small room for playtime, but often they also just want to be pet and given some TLC! Our staff of animal lovers often gives attention to our boarders, outside of their scheduled playtimes.  

We offer our guests Science Diet for breakfast and dinner, as well as a healthy low allergen treat for their mid-morning and afternoon snacks.

There is no extra charge for veterinary supervision. We take the responsibility of our boarding pets seriously. All pets must have had a physical exam with one of our doctors within the year or within 6 months if your pet is greater than 9 years old. Vaccines must be up to date.

Pets often require medications, and as a full service medical and boarding facility, we are fully equiped to ensure that our guests' medical requirements are met.  If a pet becomes ill while boarding, there will be a no-fee exam provided by the veterinarian. We will then attempt to contact the owner or authorized contact to discuss treatment if it is deemed necessary. Sometimes, simply a change to a prescription intestinal diet will resolve the problem. There is no charge for using prescription diets under these circumstances.

Our boarding facility is open 6 days a week including Saturday until 2pm. The facility is closed on Sunday although staff members are here taking care of our guests. Before we leave every evening, a technician ensures that everyone has fresh water, a clean area and a soft blanket. Our kennel area has several sky lights that allow for natural lighting into the evening and early morning.

We understand that while you are away, you want the best care for your pet. We strive to give our guests a safe, healthy, friendly environment with lots of attention and TLC!

 Please stop by and ask for a tour.

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